The delicious science of Bubble Tea


The brief

For those not in the know, bubble tea is the coolest new drink on the block and Bubbleology are the people who make it best! They approached us five years ago as a kooky start up, but 40+ openings later they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

Bubble tea is totally on trend, so their website needed to be too. We built them a site that not only educates their customers on this unusual product, but also has a tonne of personality.

Launch project

Storm in a teacup

We’ve worked to refine the brand for a social-savvy generation, taking over their social channels and building a legion of fans who love to tweet, snap and ‘gram! With a strong visual style, we let the drink do all the talking.

Bubbleology on instagram


Just like the brand and their customers, Bubbleology’s website is bold & young. Everything’s mobile-optimised so you’ll see the same content wherever you are and whatever device you’re using - something that’s vital when your biggest fans are fully-fledged members of Generation Z!

We made use of Bubbleology’s customers’ addiction to Instagram by utilising user-generated content on the product page, showing the drink off to its very best.

A closer look

Generating Buzz

Some of Bubbleology's biggest fans have their own fanbase, so we've worked with them to generate buzz for the brand and spread the word about Bubbleology. Offering bloggers and social influencers exclusive opportunities with the brand - from the chance to mix their own flavour, to a VIP Black Card that gets them free Bubbleology for life - means we can generate natural coverage and put Bubbleology in front of the people who we most want to see it!

  • page view stats icon 20,566 new Facebook fans in 12 months
  • social stats icon 46.32% growth on Instagram in 2015
  • email stats icon 2,787 Twitter mentions in 12 months

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