Engaging 85,000 bubble tea fans for Bubbleology


The brief

For those not in the know, bubble tea is the coolest new drink on the block and Bubbleology are the people who make it best! They approached us as a kooky start up, but 40+ openings later they’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

We’ve been with them since the beginning, but recently they tasked us with bringing their brand up to date, giving them a fresh new tone of voice and photography style.

Bubbleology Tom Joy Img 6933
Fb Morph

Pushing social

Bubbleology’s customer base are the social media generation who love to snap and ‘gram, so we’re constantly serving them up fresh new content. By pushing a social-first marketing strategy, we’ve given Bubbleology a stronger brand identity and increased average engagement by 20% year-on-year.

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Let’s talk results

  • 4.6m Impression in 2018
  • 85k Engagements in 2018

The website

We designed and built a website which fits with the future of Bubbleology, incorporating the new photography as well as some custom animations which bring the fun side of the brand to life.