Tool-tally Awesome Social Content for Ryobi

With Ryobi, we really do know the drill if we do say so ourselves!

Over the last 4 years, we've helped the iconic green power tool company level up their social media presence as we planned and produced a range of fun content solutions to highlight its versatility and easy-to-use products on their Consumer-focused social channels.

From Instagram stickers, interactive quizzes and brainteasers to 3D animations and bespoke video content, we ensured all touchpoints made our audiences feel like they were DIY-ing alongside us.

The solution

We were tasked with bringing the tools to life via Social Content in fun and engaging ways!

We developed a strategy-driven approach that aligned with their other marketing activity as they approached seasonal trends.

We focussed on camping and gardening campaigns during the summer, DIY projects and home renovations in the new year, back-to-school arts and crafts campaigns in Autumn, and in Q4 we focused on spooky Halloween content and Christmas. We wanted to nail every season and show the opportunity for DIY projects all year round.

Ryobi Grid

Let’s talk results

  • 37% Increase in engagement
  • 850k Views on our stickers
  • 50k Instagram views

Not only have we increased Ryobi’s Instagram engagement by 37% (compared to 2021) we also received 850K views on our Instagram stickers.

Perhaps our proudest moment was the success of our Haunted Halloween campaign. We created a bespoke set of spooky puzzle-style visuals and asked our audience to spot the missing tool, find the hidden batteries and even guess which tools they could see in our creepy frankin-tool concoction - these videos generated over 50k views and was a fun way to of highlight their tool offering while staying relevant to the season.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the next year has in store!