Turning Football Fans into 28K Email Subscribers for RYOBI

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The Challenge

The football World Cup 2022. Say what you will about the results, but you can’t deny that people across Europe were interested (to say the least).

RYOBI were also interested in leveraging this trending topic to increase sign-ups to their emailing list and build brand engagement which, in turn, would hopefully increase web traffic

The Solution

We created a score predictor that allowed people all over Europe to be in on the competition and have a chance to win RYOBI prizes during each round of the World Cup.

All users had to do was input a prediction for each game, and they’d gain a number of points based on their prediction and the outcome of the game. This game ran alongside the “actual” game, so it allowed users to see live results and share their points with friends. And the more points you achieved, the better the prizes!

We promoted the game across various channels to capture fans’ attention. Along with posts and ads across social and search, we created assets for the website and email. A real team effort

Let’s talk results

  • 39M Impressions
  • 218k Clicks
  • 25k New email subscribers
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The Results

We shot and scored with this one.

The activity generated 39M impressions, 218K clicks and gave RYOBI 25k new email subscribers, all double-opted in for future marketing.

Someone beginning with E did win this World Cup…