Dom Mernock

Strategy director

Heading up team marketing, Dom gets through his days at Engage by talking (a lot) about all things digital. From client relations and campaign strategies to leading our expert team of marketers, he’s the frontman making sure everything stays in order.

Building up our marketing team from one way back in 2012, Dom now leads a team of six with the pride of a thousand lions (and an impressive mane too). Director by name and all round good guy by nature, it’s his enthusiasm and energy for the job in hand that really keeps our marketing game on point.

Not only a driving force at work, Dom has been known to get behind the wheel in his spare time to compete in a spot of motorsport. His rallying skills won him first place at the Engage Go-Kart Championships and he’s never let us forget since. When he’s not busy being a petrol head, you can usually find him kicking back with a pint or two (more likely five) at our local pub. Care to join him?

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