District Chief Superintendent’s Commendation

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As 2019 draws to a close and we get ourselves ready to enter a whole new decade (gulp!) it’s great to be able to post one last bit of good news before we power down for the festive period.

Our more regular followers will likely already be familiar with the Super Stars app we’ve built for the inspirational team over at CATCH in Harehills. Since launching around a year ago, the app has been transformational in positively influencing the lives of young people living on one of Leeds’ most deprived suburbs; a story the whole team have loved being a part of.

You can read more about how the app works over on our case study, the TLDR being it awards badges to users once they’ve completed different tasks, in areas such as team-work, community safety, leadership and social action (to name a few), which develop their skills in order to increase employability and open doors to new opportunities.

But I didn’t come here to talk about the app, but rather the exciting news that the team’s hard work was unexpectedly rewarded today when we were paid a visit by Steve Cotter and presented with his District Chief Superintendent’s Commendation in recognition of (and I quote)…

In recognition of your outstanding business support within the community, through your staff volunteer contribution, fundraising and digital expertise.

In appreciation of the commitment to community safety and innovative approach to problem-solving and partnership work.

Now we’re not normally one for awards, but this is one we’ll be cherishing for a long time to come.

“It’s brilliant to recognise local businesses like Engage for the work they do supporting communities across Leeds. The app is a brilliant example of how we can engage and support young people through an innovative approach.”

Steve Cotter, Leeds District Chief Superintendent

I’m personally passionate about seeing what can be achieved when the private sector works alongside the third sector to make a measurable difference in the communities in which we work. It’s therefore a real honour to receive such a prestigious award and I’m so proud of the hard work and dedication shown by everyone involved at Engage. We’ve got big plans for the ongoing development of the app in 2020 as well, so watch this space!

And that’s all from us for 2019. Thanks to all our readers for coming along for the ride and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you on the other side!