Holi Days is Back!

Roughly a 2 minute read by Admin

That’s right, the Jet2 Holidays Advent Calendar is back! You might remember how we helped bring some magic into Jet2 Holidays customers' lives last year. Well, the campaign went so well that we were once again tasked with creating another great giveaway!

Holi Days has returned to run the show and things are a little different, Holi is giving out canes to everyone which act as one chance to win. We gave customers the chance to earn a bonus cane during a pre-registration period which generated a huge number of sign ups. The Jet2 Holidays Social Team is giving away hundreds of bonus canes each day on social media and on the site if the prize for the day has already been claimed.

Under the hood we have optimised almost every line of code, ensuring that the whole thing runs even smoother than before. We have provided a suite of animations and designs for use on the Jet2 Holidays social media pages.

There is still quite a few days to go, but so far we’ve achieved: