Boosting revenue and visibility: How our SEO strategy helped  David M Robinson sparkle

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The Challenge

David M Robinson is a leading heritage jewellery brand. Online they sell their own products as well as a selection of high value jewellery and watch brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe. They wanted to leverage their organic presence to achieve three core objectives: increase their ecommerce revenue, generate leads for their high value products, and improve visibility of their showrooms through local search.

It was clear that they needed a tailored SEO solution to overcome their challenges and outshine their competitors in the jewellery market.

What we delivered

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The Solution

Like a master jeweller carefully crafting a precious gem, our approach for DMR’s SEO strategy was meticulous and strategic.

We started by creating dedicated landing pages and optimising product page content to target high commercial intent search terms. This not only improved their organic search rankings but also drove more traffic to their website, resulting in increased ecommerce revenue.

But we didn’t stop there. We knew that brand loyalty was crucial for DMR’s success, so we integrated their strong brand proposition into the organic strategy. Giving a premium experience every step of the way. We enhanced user experience by improving website navigation and optimizing on-page elements. These additional tweaks aimed to curate customer loyalty and increase conversions, ultimately boosting each user’s lifetime value.

Let’s talk results

  • 202% Increase in Organic Revenue YoY
  • 624% ROI from Organic Search
  • 2340 High value product enquiry leads

What’s more, local search is a key component of DMR’s online presence. We leveraged the power of business map listings to drive users to local landing pages, where they could book a consultation. This helped DMR generate valuable leads for their high-value products and build a strong customer database of local customers, driving footfall into stores.

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The Results

The results of our SEO strategy for DMR were dazzling if we do say so ourselves. In just 12 months, we achieved a remarkable 202.66% increase in organic revenue compared to the previous year. But the real gem was that the return on investment (ROI) from organic search improved by an astonishing 624% compared to last year!

But that’s not all. DMR received 2340 high-value product enquiry leads, a 37.14% increase in top 3 rankings, and a 52% increase in top 10 rankings, all year-over-year.

These results are a testament to the success of our tailored SEO strategy, infused with creativity and strategic thinking at each stage.