Ed's Easy Diner

Taking the diner back to the future


The brief

A brand that's been capturing the American dream since 1987, Ed's came to us looking for a digital overhaul that would help bring them back to the future.

With their 1950s soundtrack turned up to 11 in the office, we got to work on implementing the various elements that would give Ed’s an enviable digital presence, merging their classic style with all the modern whistles and bells! Get the 411 below…

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A social strategy

Ed’s asked us to devise a new digital marketing strategy that would drive engagement, encourage loyalty sign-ups and, of course, increase footfall to their restaurants. Covering everything from the day-to-day running of their social channels and CRM, as well as bigger campaigns like their new menu launch and partnership with Action Against Hunger, our distinct approach to content quickly saw a surge in engagement from their audience.


The website

A suitably hip new website was next on Ed’s wish list, and we duly delivered. Powered by our bespoke front-end framework, the site takes advantage of all the most modern standards and techniques such as responsive images, SVG sprites and asset optimisation. This all ensures that even a visually rich design like Ed’s loads lightning fast on all devices, with all the content being easy to manage by the Ed’s team through our Content Management System.

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