Steve's Leaves

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The brief

When our friends at February got in touch about creating a new website to support their exciting refresh of the Steve's Leaves brand, we jumped at the chance.

But it's just salad? Wrong! Go wash your mouth out with balsamic, heathen. These are some of the tastiest leaves to ever grace your plate. Why? Well the secret's in the size. Steve uses only the best baby leaves as they pack far more punch than your average iceberg and will leave you wondering why you've been doing salad wrong all these years.

Still not convinced? Well you're in luck as we built a fancy new website, bound to change your mind...

Natural Light
Animation - Bags
Animation - Weather
All The Leaves

A few highlights

Ready. Steady. Animate!

What better way to bring Steve's lovely leaves to life than by having them spring, bounce and jump off the screen. Custom animations played a big role in the new website, helping bring the brand's quirky personality to life.

Animation - Watering

Fully content managed

Underneath all these delicious leaves, the site is running off our Core framework and powered by the Engage CMS, giving the client full control of the their content.

Animation - Bags

Did you know?

Steve personally tried over 45 varieties of pea shoot before finally picking the winner to put in his salad. Now that's what we call dedication!

Animation - Weather

Get yer hands on 'em

Want to taste the difference for yourself? You can now find Steve's tasty leaves in your local Waitrose, online at Ocado and at all quality farm shops. 

Animation - Meet our leaves

I thought you said award winning?

Well spotted! The site took home the 'Consumer Site Of The Year' award at this year's Wirehive100 awards. 

Unfortunately Steve couldn't be there to accept the award in person as he was busy watering his lettuce, but thankfully February stepped up in his absence.

Img 1295

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