An award winning site for Steve's Leaves


The brief

When our friends at February got in touch about creating a new website to support their exciting refresh of the Steve’s Leaves brand, we naturally jumped at the chance.

Contrary to popular belief, Steve’s Leaves is no ordinary salad. Steve uses only the best and tastiest baby leaves, which are packed full of flavour and make your average Iceberg look positively bland in comparison. Our challenge was to impart Steve's impressive salad credentials to leaf lovers across the UK and bring the new brand to life online. Challenge accepted!

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Animation Weather
Animation Meet Our Leaves
Animation Bags

Our approach

We made the most of the bold and bright colours to bring the brand to life and tell the story of Steve and his leaves in a visual and engaging way. We then sprinkled in some custom animations, adding the personality and playfulness that’s synonymous with the brand, before finally giving everything a good feed and water to ensure it looked its very best!


Did you know Steve personally tried over 45 varieties of pea shoot before finally picking the winner to put in his salad? Now that’s what we call dedication!”

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Animation Watering

I thought you said award winning?

Well spotted! The site took home the Consumer Site of the Year award at the Wirehive100 awards. Unfortunately, Steve couldn’t be there to accept the award in person as he was busy watering his lettuce but February were happy to step up in his absence.

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