Leeds Digital Festival

Increasing awareness for Leeds Digital Festival

The brief

Now in it's 3rd year, The Leeds Digital Festival has quickly grown to be one of the biggest and more exciting events in the Northern digital calendar. Being right on our doorstep, we wanted to do our bit to make sure the Festival was as big a success as it deserved, so offered up our PPC skills to deliver an advertising plan that would drive as many people as possible to the great lineup of events on offer, and here’s how we did it…

Three key phases

Pre awareness and audience building

Whilst the Festival grows every year in size and popularity, it is still in it’s relative infancy. An important part of our strategy was to identify key audiences, containing people within the digital industry and within a nearby radius to be likely to attend the events. We wanted to help grow the LDF accounts at the same time as this, giving us a bigger organic audience as the campaign went on. We ran these ads a month before the festival began, which provided ample time to optimise and tweak as the campaigns progressed. During this phase we saw a 56% increase in Facebook Likes, of which over half were driven directly by advertising activity.

Supporting the festival, and boosting event attendance

Finally, once we had laid the groundwork in the first phase, increased attendance at key events in the second, we needed to look at how best to support the festival as it was happening. We provided this by updating the carousel ads mentioned previously and tactically supporting and boosting any organic posts on the LDF pages.

Advertising overview

2017 top line stats

  • 1.6m Impressions
  • 20,984 Clicks
  • £0.30 cpc
  • 1.26% ctr
  • 475 Facebook Likes
  • 202% yoy like increase

Year on Year Comparison

Metric 2016 2017 Difference
Spend £6,000 £6,326 +5.4%
Impressions 1,133,070 1,618,270 +42%
Clicks 10,682 20,984 +96.4%
CPC £0.56 £0.30 -46%
CTR 0.94% 1.26% +34%
Page Likes 148 475 +220%

“Engage Interactive helped the 2017 Leeds Digital Festival to raise its awareness in Leeds and in other key areas. With only a small increase in the budget from the previous year, Engage greatly increased the number of impressions, clicks and likes, the latter by a staggering 220%. The team also produced a number of memorable creative pieces, which we used to great effect across different types of media. It was real pleasure to work with Engage; the whole team was enthusiastic and professional, and made a huge difference to the overall success of the Festival.”

Stuart Clarke

Leeds Digital Festival

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