Pedal powering to half a million plays with Old Mout Cider

The brief

Old Mout Cider are trying to help save the native kiwi bird from extinction in New Zealand, and they wanted to create a campaign that would both raise awareness and make a real difference.

Our challenge was to build an experience that would simultaneously entertain their audience, inform them of the issue, encourage them to join the campaign and of course raise the profile of the brand itself.

Over half a million plays later and with a 70% redemption rate to boot - it's fair to say Kiwi Cycle took us for an epic ride!

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How we did it

After getting our heads together we arrived on the slightly odd, but strangely addictive concept a kiwi on a unicycle; whose aim is to dodge obstacles whilst picking up fruit and Old Mout bottles for recycling. Players compete for a high score, whilst each bottle collected donates 1p to the charity Kiwis for kiwi.

The results are really strong in terms of number of plays, driving a strong message in a fun, engaging way”

Hannah Martin, Old Mout Brand Manager

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We created sprite sheets for the character animation; illustrating each individual frame for his movement. This included the wobble of the kiwi’s body and the spokes and pedals of the bike right down to the flap of it’s wings when it jumps.

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Engage are at all times professional, approachable and knowledgeable - I couldn’t be happier with their output and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone”

Matt Rix, Digital Marketing Manager


Let’s talk results

  • 14+ Plays per person
  • 500k+ Plays
  • 70% Redemption rate
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