All I want for Christmas is Jet2


The brief

Jet2holidays approached us to help add a little magic to their customers’ Christmases through a prize giveaway to rival even Santa’s boundless generosity!

The idea was simple - give away 26 package holidays, one each day, running up to Boxing Day. All we had to do was devise a novel and engaging way to wrap it all up, then sit back and watch the joy of Christmas unfold.

And so we set the Elves to work, taking a traditional Advent Calendar and spicing it up with a modern twist and of course, a generous sprinkling of Engage goodness. Read on to see how it played out.

Let’s talk results

  • 3.75m Total plays
  • 200k+ Signups
  • 134k Avg. plays per day

How we did it

The app was programmed to randomly give away each day’s main Holiday prize at a specific time during the day. Players had 3 daily chances to grab the top prize, but as it could be won at any time they needed to use their chances wisely.


Introducing Holi Days

To further enhance the campaign, we were tasked with creating a campaign mascot and what could be more festive than a freshly basked Gingerbread Lady? Once we’d successfully anthropomorphised a sweet treat (no mean feat!) we then brought her to life through a series of fun animations.


With Advent, Engage had a great original idea and turned it into into a dependable, exciting annual tradition that our customers love. It was a great example of brand building and with flawless technical execution”

Matt Gardner, Marketing Manager

Jet2 Advent Holi Minis 1

Good enough to eat

Not content with just being our on-screen star, Holi soon started to show up in airports UK wide and even boarded the odd plane or two. Not bad for a biscuit!