Local SEO, Well Done. Increasing visibility and footfall for Bar and Block.

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How do you get a restaurant to stand out against its competitors in a busy city centre packed with a range of dining options? In Leeds alone we have over 360 licensed restaurants!

Multiply this number across cities across the UK and you’ve got quite a challenge to stand out from the rest of the market.

And this was the challenge presented to us from Bar + Block. With 20 sites across major UK cities, we were tasked to capitalise on the frequent searches for “restaurants in X” or “restaurants near me” to drive more visibility and footfall.

So with the steaks set high, cue our SEO team.

What we delivered

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The Solution

We opted to leverage Local SEO to help these restaurants stand out to those living, travelling and searching about the area. We reviewed and optimised every Bar + Block local Google My Business listing, along with the individual restaurant pages on the brand’s website.

We prioritised key areas for content optimisation and worked closely with the restaurant teams and our marketing team to build rich content pages that answered in-market customer queries and showcased the individual history and personality of each restaurant. Along the way, we ensured that there was continuity between the Google listing and the website for seamless customer experiences.

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The results

In just 1 month, we supercharged Bar + Block’s visibility for each restaurant. Performance to date, shows significant increase in visibility and intent among users with an 88% increase in map views and 12% increase in organic site clicks.

Let’s talk results

  • 88% Increase in map views accounting to over 100k
  • 68% Increase in listing views
  • 12% Increase in organic site clicks

For continual improvements, the team built a clear data dashboard to allow the Whitbread teams real-time oversight into the core metrics for every restaurant including, phone calls and map views.

So, do you have a Bar + Block near you? Why not Google to find out!

You might even agree that our Local SEO is a rare medium, well done.

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