Driving 6 million views with a digital toolkit for Milwaukee

The brief

3 years ago, Milwaukee came to us looking to advance their digital advertising strategy across Europe, with a focus on driving brand awareness and increasing sign-ups. Fast forward to 2018 and we’ve not only helped them outperform their original advertising goals, but also started applying the Engage touch to their social strategy too.

  • Design
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social
  • E-marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Motion graphics


Since the start of 2016 we’ve worked on numerous high budget, European-wide campaigns for Milwaukee, driving millions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of clicks, video views, email sign-ups and social shares across Europe.

We’ve implemented advanced tracking; helping us drive industry-leading optimisations and enabling Milwaukee to smash their KPIs. Custom-built Data Studio reports have helped us and Milwaukee keep track and report on important KPIs across 20+ different countries.

Our campaigns have run primarily across YouTube, Display and Social, using bumper ads, trueview, HTML5 display ads and canvas ads amongst other formats.

Advertising results

  • 6.3ᴍ Views
  • 2.1ᴍ Clicks
  • 362ᴍ Impressions


On the back of our success in the digital advertising arena, we then started work on building Milwaukee’s new European Instagram account.

With a content strategy combining their official product photography, fan submissions and our own content created in-house, including stop-motion animation, real-life product shots and made-for-social digital pieces, we’ve managed to cultivate a feed that is both visually stimulating and engaging for our target audience.

As a result, we’ve seen their ‘gram achieve not only rapid follower growth but also impressive reach and engagement figures.

Insta Min

Social results

  • 17k New followers
  • 204k Engagement
  • 1 Slo-mo chainsaw
Bottom Min