Cranking it up to 11 and ripping the knob off!

Animated MOJO skull

Music for the people

Working with the MOJO team for a number of years now, we’ve seen them rise through the rock 'n' roll ranks from Leeds institution into a true Northern legend, with recent bar openings in both Manchester and Liverpool.

They’ve certainly got big balls as a brand, so when the time came to give their website a complete overhaul and start cranking up the volume on their digital marketing, we jumped at the chance - straight into the mosh pit!


Digital Marketing

MOJO’s style is bold and brash - they’re the guy who squeezes lime into both eyes before downing a bottle of Jager* - a perfect mix for any digital marketing campaign! We took this personality and helped amplify it across their digital channels through a bold range of branded content.

* A miniature of course. MOJO encourage responsible drinking!

A bold new website

“MOJO has worked with Engage for many years & we’ve always been impressed. Our latest web site is testament to their ability to understand our requirements, turning it into something that looks incredible & actually improves our business performance.”

Martin Greenhow

Managing Director. MOJO Bar

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