Premier Inn

Bringing breakfast to the big screen

The brief

Known for being Sir Lenny's preferred choice for a night away, Premier Inn not only guarantees a good night’s sleep but also a great start to the day ahead with their bigger, better breakfasts.

With the majority of their hotels now fitted out with high-definition displays, we were tasked with delivering a series of eye catching video advertisements to help promote their wide range of breakfast choices to a whopping 17 million+ annual guests... anyone for a sausage?

What we delivered

Lights, camera, action!

When shooting all the content, it was essential that the raw assets afforded us ultimate flexibility when it came to the all important post-processing. To this end, everything was shot via green screen, allowing us to chop, change and blend to our heart’s content when creating the finished piece.

As for the dishes themselves, we enlisted the help of the Premier Inn chefs who made light work of cooking us up a breakfast banquet, from fried eggs to (our personal favourite!) the Full English. Naturally, some of the food had to be tried and tested before shooting… quality control and all that…

Pi Green

Engage approached the brief we gave them with creativity and flair. The suite of animations produced by Engage are eye catching and fun, and perfectly represent the message we were trying to convey!”

Jennifer Kilham, F&B Commerical Marketing Manager