Supercharging AEG Powertools through gamification

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The brief

We all know that power tools aren’t toys, but for the wonderful world of gamification, AEG Powertools were happy to make an exception!

That’s where we stepped in when AEG came to us with a brief to build an exciting web game for seven key markets to drive website traffic and new email sign ups.

The game also had to be engaging to drive social shares and organic reach.

“When Engage suggested gamification we were a little apprehensive as we’d never run a campaign like this before. However it exceeded all expectations and helped us drive a +43% increase in our database, which for a small brand in Europe is a BIG WIN!”

Charlotte Burt, Digital Marketing Manager, AEG

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This is not a drill

Fortunately we know a thing or two about cutting through the noise online with bespoke digital activations.

Using AEG’s products for inspiration and giving people the opportunity to play with normally dangerous tools, we concepted, designed, built and deployed a ‘cutting-edge’ game; Snowblaster.

The game was designed to run over a three week period and generate mass digital engagement for AEG. We also ran a paid campaign alongside the game to drive traffic through Display and Facebook advertising.

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The game

Gamification has real business values. Not only can it drive digital marketing campaigns and significant return on investment, but it can repeatedly drive value through online activations.

A gamification strategy is really appealing to customers and can generate improved brand engagement and loyalty. In fact the world of gamification is so effective that the global industry is currently valued at around £7bn, and projected to grow to £24bn by 2025.

When it came to AEG’s ambitions, we designed a concept that was relevant to the brand, using AEG power tools to shoot snowballs at targets. Not to be big-headed but that’s ‘plane’ genius.

We also incorporated a sticky mechanic to encourage repeat plays. With people being stuck at home thanks to Covid, this was a perfect opportunity to provide some much needed excitement at a time when people have never been in greater need of a fun game to play.

Global leaderboards increased the sense of competition between users, with a grand prize on offer of €1,000 of power tools up for grabs.

By creating an enjoyable, more memorable and engaging digital activation, we were able to harness positive emotions and encourage stronger brand association between users and AEG Powertools.

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We had to overcome a couple of challenges to give people the best experience and meet our key objectives.

We managed the translation of the game into multiple languages, and had to optimise for region specific requirements. For example Poland and the Czech Republic have strict rules about prize draws, so we had to optimise the game to adhere to legislation.

‘Nailing’ it

Thanks to COVID-19, gamification has become an increasingly low-risk and cost effective solution to drive results from digital, and the Snowblaster results tell the same story:

Let’s talk results

  • 1.2m plays
  • 16.5k unique users
  • 5,897 new unique opt-ins

In fact our game was so engaging that one user played for 11 hours in one day - now that’s dedication!