Yorkshire Tea

Hitting it for six with Teapot Test!


The brief

Cricket is at the heart of Yorkshire’s history, so when Yorkshire Tea approached us to map out a campaign that could combine digital with their sponsorship of The Ashes, we knew we could do something special. As well as creating an awesome digital experience we needed to drive engagement, increase traffic to the site and build a cricket focussed following.

Howzat for an exciting brief?


Introducing Teapot Test

In Teapot Test, we devised and built a game which allowed fans to guess where and when the wickets would fall throughout each game of the test, with accurate predictions earning players points and if they were particularly lucky, some Yorkshire Tea goodies!

Once we’d refined the concept and developed a solid game mechanic, we then designed an interface which was intuitive and responsive so that people could play along at home, the office or even live at The Ashes!


How we did it

We utilised a custom version of the popular Foundation framework designed to improve load and response times to keep the game moving even if the internet connection was crawling. Working with the Press Association, we built Teapot Test to automatically update with live scores from their API. This meant players could see their predictions (and points) tally up in real time, adding more excitement and engagement into the mix.

“Working with Engage was a breath of fresh air. Not only do they combine design flair with a brilliant understanding of how to make online experiences a pleasure for the user, but they are a genuinely nice bunch to work with”

Tom Craik, Digital Communications Manager


“The outcome was a gorgeous dynamic content hub that was easy to manage and a joy to interact with. Mission accomplished and then some”

Tom Craik, Digital Communications Manager


Let’s talk results

  • 282k Predictions made
  • 5.7k Correct predictions
  • 16k+ Social engagements