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From desks to donations: Seven years of Elympics

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And that’s a wrap on our 7th year of Elympics - our annual fundraiser that raises heart rates and cash for our chosen charities.

This year we raised over £10k for our chosen charities and came one step closer to being the healthiest agency in the UK - all whilst doing some good for our local community along the way!

What is Elympics?

Although working in digital is undeniably a fantastic way to spend your week – it’s certainly not the most active, with people regularly spending 6+ hours a day sat at their desks. There’s a whole load of science documenting the physiological and psychological benefits of an active lifestyle – from improved performance at work through to a better night’s sleep and increased confidence.

All this got us thinking about how, as a company, we could encourage an increased level of activity in everyone’s lives but in a more creative and rewarding way than simply handing out gym memberships to the keen few. Fast forward 7 (yes seven!) years, and our annual Elympics programme has raised £58k for our chosen charities, and shows no signs of slowing down!

All funds are distributed equally to these 4 local charities every quarter, where we hope it’ll make a real, measurable difference!

👉 CATCH Leeds

👉 Sunshine and Smiles - Leeds Down Syndrome Network

👉 Open Country

👉 St. George’s Crypt

This is just one of the ways #WeGoBeyond as a #BCorp, and as a team.

Now, if you don’t mind, we’ve got some steps to get in for this year!

Find out more about our Elympics programme here.