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Our 2023 Impact Report

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Impact Report

Ever since we set Engage up in 2007, we were always driven by a strong sense of wanting to do what’s right. It wasn’t just about making money; we believed in finding a balance between people and profit. We wanted our business to have a positive impact on the people who choose to work for us and the wider community while still being financially sustainable. So when we came across B Corp certification, it felt like the perfect framework for us.

BCorp provided a clear roadmap and guidelines to measure and validate our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. It was like a checklist that aligned nicely with our values and beliefs. As we went through the assessment process, it became apparent that we were already doing a lot of good things; We had fair people policies, transparent governance and operations, and a track record of giving back to the community. It felt good to know that our efforts were in line with what B Corp was looking for.

However, the assessment also pointed out areas where we could improve, especially when it came to environmental considerations. We were aware of the need to reduce our impact on the environment, but B Corp pushed us to take it a step further. It made us see that we could be more mindful of our energy usage, better manage our waste, and adopt eco-friendly practices throughout our business..

Ultimately, our decision to pursue BCorp certification was driven by our desire to validate our existing efforts and constantly strive for improvement. It wasn’t just about getting a fancy certification; it also provided us with the motivation to continuously evolve and raise the bar for how businesses can be used as a force for good. We’ve since become heavily involved in the B Corp Local community, participating in various events to help spread the word about the benefits of B Corp.

This report sets out to show some of the areas that we have improved and developed over the past year at Engage, specifically focusing on Our People, Our Environment and Our Community. Hopefully it goes some way to showing our continued commitment to B Corp, but more importantly we share this information and our ideas freely to act as a lead and inspiration for other like minded businesses to follow.

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