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Igniting positive change: Our chosen Force For Good charities

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Engage Are Now Supporting Tech She Can Getaway Girls And Leeds Womens Aid As Their Elympics Charities For 2023

We can’t hold it in any longer. We’ve got some epic Engage news to share with you! As you know, we’re all about making a real difference; it’s just in our Engage DNA. We’re thrilled to continue to bring you along on our Elympics ride each month to fundraise for our chosen charities whilst striving to be the healthiest agency in the UK.

Hold onto your seats because this is where things get even more interesting! Inspired by an awe-inspiring International Women’s Day team presentation, we’ve ramped up our support for women’s-based charities in 2023.

But fear not, we’re not leaving behind our beloved CATCH charity in Harehills. They have our unwavering support as we continue to champion their fantastic work. Together, we’re focused on making a real impact in our community and beyond.

So, get ready to meet our latest charities for 2023: Leed’s Women’s Aid, Getaway Girls and Tech She Can.

Leeds Women’s Aid

Get ready to meet the fearless champions of change—Leeds Women’s Aid (LWA)! They are real-life superheroes committed to providing extraordinary services for women and children affected by Domestic Violence & Abuse (DV & A). From battling domestic and sexual violence to fighting against forced marriages, trafficking, stalking, and harassment, LWA has been fearlessly fighting since 1972.

Together, we’re on a mission to amplify their remarkable work and help build a society where violence and abuse are things of the past.

Getaway Girls

An extraordinary force for empowering girls and young women, check out the amazing Getaway Girls! Getaway Girls is about creating a supportive environment where girls can come together, uplift each other, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Their approach is all about recognising and harnessing young women’s strengths, abilities, talents, and lived experiences.

With a perfect blend of support, opportunities, challenges, and fun, Getaway Girls aims to build confidence and resilience and raise aspirations. They empower girls to take positive risks and develop new skills in a nurturing and collaborative space.

Through their remarkable work, we believe in creating a future where every girl shines brightly and reaches for the stars.

Tech She Can

Last but most definitely not least, our third chosen focus charity for 2023 is Tech She Can. Get ready to embrace the power of technology and gender equality! Founded in 2018 by the visionary Sheridan Ash MBE and a passionate group of individuals, Tech She Can aims to transform the pipeline of women entering technology roles. They understand that addressing the gender imbalance requires collaboration across sectors, government, and educators.

The Tech She Can Charter, born from the collective efforts of its founding members, stands as a testament to their commitment to creating a more inclusive tech industry. Together, we’re excited to join forces and promote a world where women are empowered to start and thrive with careers in tech.


As mentioned, we’re not forgetting about our friends in Harehills at CATCH. We will continue to support and champion their fantastic work. This vibrant community space, established in partnership with West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council, offers a range of essential services during the day, including Women’s Groups, ESOL Classes, Advocacy Services, NHS Services, Baby Clinics, Play & Stay Sessions, One-to-One Parent Advice, West Yorkshire Police Advice Sessions, and Computer Classes. But it doesn’t stop there! The Hub also transforms into an exciting Youth Club every Wednesday and Friday evening, attracting over 100 youngsters each week. From football and rounders to table tennis, pool, air hockey, and computer games, the Youth Club provides a space for kids aged 8 to 17 to have fun, make new friends, and participate in engaging activities.

We will continue to support CATCH and ensure that The Hub remains a thriving hub of community support, growth, and unforgettable experiences.

Each ‘Elympics’ activity logged raises money for these four charities and brings us closer to a brighter, fairer future in 2023 and beyond.