Force For Good

Getting dirty down on the Farm

Roughly a 3 minute read by Alex

Lineham Farm

Hello and welcome to the next installment in our Force for Good series, where we reveal what we’re doing to use business as a force for good, and improve the world we live in.

We’ve always been passionate about supporting our local community, and a no-brainer has been through fundraising and helping on projects with charities across Leeds and beyond. Are you ready to find out who we’re going to be spotlighting today?

The big reveal

For the past twenty years Lineham Farm has given disadvantaged, disabled and local school children a break in the glorious Leeds countryside.

You name it, Lineham offers it! From the (pretty scary) high-ropes course and night walks, to orienteering and mini beast discovery there’s an endless supply of exciting activities on offer which always end with smiling faces.

So how did we help?

Considering we all sit at desks for most of the day, we’re a surprisingly active team and we’re always looking for opportunities to enjoy some fresh air. When Lineham asked us to get our hands dirty with a pretty cool project, we couldn’t resist.

After an early start and a delicious sarnie for breakfast, we were divided into two teams and were ready and raring to go. Have you guessed what we were tasked with yet?

Team one was given the fun (if slightly muddy task) of clearing the adventure playground. We dug out weeds, raked back the gravel and generally tidied it up to make it spick and span, and most importantly safe, for Lineham’s excited visitors.

Team two had to get down and dirty and build 100m of bike/bmx track that was aptly named ‘The Serpent’. Teamwork always makes the dream work, and after lunch we joined forces to complete the track.

Not to brag but we even installed berms, rollers and a tabletop before the day finished.

What did Lineham think?

“Engage has shown the most fantastic support to Lineham Farm Children’s Charity whilst at the same time encouraging staff fitness through Elympics.

“We desperately needed a fleet of new bikes for our daily mountain biking programme and with the extremely generous donations from the company we were able to buy 10 brand new bikes.

“Since receiving the bikes we have had 50 schools and other children doing activities during school holidays. Mountain biking is certainly one of our most popular activities and so over 1,500 young people have cycled through the woods and up and down the farm. That’s pedal power!”