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Going Green: We’re officially Carbon Neutral

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Engage is now Carbon Neutral. Image of the Laos Hydropower project that Engage is supporting to offset our emissions

Big news this week! Drumroll please….Engage is now officially Carbon Neutral for 2023!

This is a big step forward in our journey to use business as a force for good by reducing our impact on the environment and becoming a certified Carbon Neutral company.

What does it mean to be a Carbon Neutral company?

Now, being carbon neutral doesn’t mean we’ve magically eliminated all of our emissions (if only). But here’s the lowdown: we’ve crunched the numbers and calculated our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) and taken steps to reduce our emissions wherever we can. And for the emissions we can’t eliminate (we still need our computers to work!) we’ve partnered with ClimatePartner to support certified climate action projects that offset our remaining emissions.

It can be easy being green (🐸)

So how, exactly, did we do it?

Last summer we assembled our very own Carbon Neutral project team who worked alongside ClimatePartner to dig into all the areas of our business that produce carbon emissions. We’re talking about everything from energy suppliers and usage, to how our team travel to work, and even the food and drink we buy for the office (we can’t forget the essentials!). With all of that data in hand, ClimatePartner helped us crunch the numbers and calculated our CCF.

We then took actions to reduce our emissions where possible - hello sustainable toilet roll. And for the bits we had less control over, we’re supporting a carbon offset project that was selected by the whole agency.

Our chosen carbon off-set project

We chose to support a Hydropower project in Laos. This project is making waves (pun intended) by providing a stable, sustainable, and independent energy supply to the Luang Namtha region, which was previously reliant on fossil fuels and imported energy from China. And, as hydropower is considered emission free, it saves a whopping 20,864 tonnes of CO2 each year! Plus this project contributes to not just one, but three of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Win, win, win!

You can read more about the project on our offset tracking page here.

So, there you have it! We’re striding towards a greener future and making business a force for good by being Carbon Neutral. Is this something you’ll be doing too?