Force For Good

Introducing Force For Good, Engage’s commitment to social responsibility

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Introducing Ffg

Introducing our new initiative here at Engage: Force for Good. We’re providing paid time off for our team members to volunteer and help out at a local good cause of their choice.

We’ve always been big supporters of volunteering and making a positive impact in our community. In fact, we even have our own Elympics programme that raises money for charities. Plus, we created the Super Stars App with CATCH Leeds to help build the skills of young people in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Leeds, and we encourage the team to participate in events hosted by our partner charities. Our approach to volunteering directly supports our business strategy and objectives: adding value through positive impact.

But we know that the past few years have been tough, and things aren’t getting any easier. That’s why we want to do even more to help local charities that need it.

So, each month, our team members will be swapping their desk chairs and keyboards for aprons, high-vis jackets or volunteer lanyards and offering two days of their time (fully paid by us) to help those in need in Leeds and the surrounding areas. A total of 40 hours of paid volunteering hours per year, split out into 10 hours per quarter.

Our Head of People, Sanj, is leading the initiative, but everyone on the team is pitching in to help plan and share their experiences. As Sanj explains:

I’m excited about the benefits that our team members will gain from this initiative, not just in terms of the positive impact they will make on the community, but also from getting away from their screens and meeting people from all walks of life. ”

🚨 Spoiler alert: Our Head of Marketing, Yas, has already led the charge and has completed her first FFG day, volunteering for FoodCycle in Leeds. Find out more here.

“It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, and I’m looking forward to seeing the personal and professional growth that comes from this experience.”

Sanjeevni Dip-Matadeen, Head of People Development & Culture